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1. A Russian nickname for "Natalya."

2. In North America, a noun used to describe extremely eccentric women with bizarre habits such as walking a pet parrot, singing Fergie at karaoke bars, dressing in more pink than a Barbie doll, protesting monogamy, taking three to five hours to put on her makeup, and going to Star Trek conventions to pick up nerdy men. Natashenkas are so odd because they follow a metaphysical philosophy that calls their consciousnesses/unique selves into question. Natashenkas doubt their own existence and therefore have no shame about rejecting social norms.
The innocent bystander asked the Fashion Police Officer, "Who the frak wears pink pleather pants while taking a cockatoo on a walk and smoking hash from a joint held by an antique cigarette holder at 3:15 a.m. on a Wednesday?" and the Fashion Police Officer replied, "According to that harmless Natashenka, no one does. She doesn't believe she exists."
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