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Natania is a short girl who is smart, smarter than google. Natania loves trivia and learning. She's very intelligent and straight forward. Natania will look at you with eyes of death if you're wrong, so don't be. Loves creative writing and linguistics and is a future author. Nat does not like straightened hair, and is awesome with her curly hair.
by kall29034 December 06, 2013
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natania is just PERFECT. she's awesome, hilarious, VERY PRETTY, and would always brighten your day. she is very athletic and plays soccer and basketball. she is also very smart, smarter then google. natania is the most amazing person you will meet. everyone likes her and her humor. there are no bad things about her. she's very loving and kind, and could get very sensitive, but she will always be the life of the party! very outgoing and loud! SHES JUST AMAZING AND EVERYONE LOVES HER!
all the boys in my class like natania
by brandon oliver cohen December 21, 2016
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