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A Polish or Ukrainian girl that is very unique. A "one of a kind." She is beautiful and i mean breathtaking. She seldom lives in a city, is down to Earth, loves the outdoors, animals and nature. She will not be out spoken, go unheard, or take any crap, she may look delicate and fragile, but she is not above ripping your head off. All together this girl is an equal balance of looks, brains, style, attitude, and sweetness.
*"I met this girl today, she was amazingly gorgeous and nice!"

**"Sounds like you met a Natalka."

***"That girl must be a Natalka!"
by DangerDays October 08, 2011
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a polish girl that has a great personality , boobs , hair , and lives in new york. shes the best girl anyone i mean ANYONE has ever met. she has a kickin style , additude, and the best of friends :3
ahh you remind me of natalka. natalka is so awesome, im not good enough for her polish self
by ANONYMOuS BWAHAHAHAH February 21, 2009
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