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1. A procrastinating mexican.

2. A cool stoner kid who has long hair and

looks like jacob from twilight.

3.Natahni can also be described as a half native american gang member.

4.Someone who makes up wild stories about violence
or crime.
1. Joe said he was going to the store, that was 3 hours ago. He is probably being a Natahni.
2.Hey that guy over there looks like the guy from twilight, must be Natahni.
3.Bill:"Dude look over there, that indian is holding someone at gun point." Fred:"Its just Natahni man, he does that. No sweat."
4. Johnny:"Guess what guys? I fucking robbed these guys last night and pistol whippen them, blood was gushing out of their heads and i just laughed at them and took their money and their car." Robby:"Yea, right. Dude your just being a Natahni. Stop exaggerating."
by SiccMade420 March 29, 2010
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