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A very kind hearted human being he is a very good father and husband he loves to crack jokes and loves to make people laugh he is a handsome man who loves to play any sport but mainly cricket and golf.he will keep any women very happy
Person getting married
Person 2.whats his name?
Person 1.Naseer
Person 2.omg you are so lucky hes gonna keep you happy
Person 1.thank you im sure he will
by ryan123455 July 31, 2016
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a Cold hearted human. He seams nice and chill but he is no where near that. He will laugh at you if you like him. I you ask him what is wrong he would say "IDFWU" just to be rude. worst guy to fall in love.
Person one: "You like Naseer?"
Person two: "Yea he is cute!"
person one: "and a Asshole"
Naseer: "What up bitch"
Person two: "......"
by Thy Smart Potato January 22, 2015
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