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Generally: Arab Christians who were born in or descended from the city of Nazareth, Israel.

Fact: The Nasarweh are humble, but strong people. We don't give a fuck about anything except the most important things in life: family, friends we consider family, our culture, and prosperity. Above all other qualities, we live by honor and respect. We stick together and look out for one another. We are the first to show respect and kindness, but if it is not reciprocated it quickly disappears.

Most Nasarweh families own their own businesses, mainly party stores and restaurants. Walking into a typical nasrawi house is not much different from most Arab houses. There is the "off-limit" room, multiple refrigerators and freezers, abundance of food, several bottles of Arak, shisha pipes, and cracked pistachio and pumpkin seed shells. Nasarweh households are usually filled with crucifixes, rosaries, pictures of Nazareth, Jerusalem, Mary, and Jesus.

Nasarweh want to see people of our culture marry other Arab Christians. Hence, many friends talk about how they all need to go to the next upcoming wedding or convention to scout for marriage potential. Older brothers are very protective over their families, especially their sisters. Fathers are never too old to lay down a beating if necessary. Mothers will always call you if you are out past midnight, regardless of your age. Finally, mothers are also a constant reminder of your obligation to get married a.s.a.p. to start making grandchildren.
Arabic: Ehna nasarweh!
English: We are nasarweh!

Singular: Nasrawi
by nasrawi8 September 02, 2012
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