n. Another term for a sneeze.
Oh wait wait, man, I'm about to have a nasal orgasm! CHOOOO! Ahhhh, yeah I love sneezing.
by Sidewalker September 25, 2005
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nasal orgasm(s). A violent and pleasurable self induced sneeze, the object of nostril-bating
A nasal orgasm, more commonly known as a sneeze, when deliberately self induced, is a safe and pleasurable form of self gratification that can create a state of euphoria in the practitioner.
by Roco Cashew October 27, 2007
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Intense tingling sensation beginning in your nasal cavity that eventually takes over your face to the point of taking your breath away, leaving you gasping.
'I ran out of butter and sauce so the only thing available to lubricate my bacon sandwich was mustard. The first bite was so damn hot it gave me a nasal orgasm.'
by annabomb June 09, 2019
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