The noble act of opening the lock to a frigid girl's tight canal before filling it, closing it behind you, and moving upstream to the next with your veiny windlass.
I've just returned from a narrow boating holiday in Ibiza. God my cock is sore from shagging ten virgins in one night!
by jimbojacks December 31, 2010
a canal boat used in the wonderful waterways of England, and other European countries.
Often used as a floating residence, notably by the hippies in Amsterdam in their not-so-narrow variations. If you want a change of scenery, untie the line and motor away through the locks.
We went on holiday for three weeks through the Midlands canals in our narrow boat and hit every pub along the way. Ian only beached it twice and Catherine was quite accommodating to help relaunch.
My mate moors his narrow boat in France and keeps a bicycle on board for jaunts through the countryside. He has logged over 10,000 km in the last three years.
by adam_before_eve April 17, 2006