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Cute little petite girl. Loves to dance, sometimes has some goofy dance moves but is actually a really talented dancer. She makes friends with almost anyone.. but doesn't trust easily. Nareh really knows how to have fun (especially with her best friends) Nareh has a really funny laugh -not the cutest laugh in the world but one of the most sincere laughs. If Nareh thinks something is funny TRUST ME, SHE WILL LAUGH. oh and did i mention that Nareh is super loud? Well you could probably hear her a mile away. She doesn't like to sing in front of just anybody. Nareh only sings with her pals. Nareh has a very unique voice and is sometimes insecure about it but is actually X-factor worthy. Nareh always lives in the moment and does what ever makes her happy. Can be really weird at times but her closest friends absolutely love it. Nareh is also very very sexy. Nareh oozes sex appeal but never relies on it. She's nice, caring, smart, has an amazing ass, and everyone loves her. NAREH IS PERFECTION.
Nareh Name
by kiliana Lopez November 17, 2013
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