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A word to describe the extreme (waterborne nanobot-virus-mediated) change process that an individual's values and ego must undergo in order to transition them from being a Naive Idealist in their teens and a Fundamentally Good Person in their 20's, to being, by their late 30's, a Soulless, Reactive, Fear-based, Zombie.

Sometimes, under certain conditions, if left unchecked, Nanozombification Syndrome (NS) can completely corrupt the person at the cellular level by their late 40's, and at that point, they may choose to become a Politician.

There is no known cure, and the virus eventually kills its host, either socially or economically, but regular consumption of Humble Pie has been shown to be effective in halting the disease and/or controlling symptoms of the disease, especially in its early stages.
See also pedant, sycophant, sophist, casuist, and hypocrite, as well as knee-jerk reactionary and political dinosaur.

Symptoms of full Nanozombification include a blank stare when talking to questioners, stiff hugs (which are only granted when the lighting is just right and the huggee is not "blocking the shot" of an opportunistic photographer), a terrified handgrip, fleeting eye contact with non-NS-sufferers, in addition to the habit of reading off of cue-cards and/or only responding to questions after consulting with "handlers". Occasionally, in the later stages of the disease, the host also exhibits an inability to take responsibility for his or her own actions, to drive him/herself in a normal vehicle, walk on any carpet that is not red, and/or feel any shame.

Note: If they are on Nanozombie Default Setting, they are still able to talk, walk, make offhand soundbites, and flash snide smirks on talk shows.
by TheSageAxe November 18, 2010
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