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The Nanking Massacre, also known as the Rape of Nanking, occurred during the Sino-Japanese War in which the Japanese occupied the then capital of Communist China (alternative spelling: Nanjing). It is also the main reason why so many old Chinese people discriminate against the Japanese.

During the Nanking Massacre, an estimated 200,000 to 300,000 people were killed by Japanese soldiers. Many of these people were women who were all raped before being mutilated and killed. The Japanese did not discriminate. They raped women of all ages, shapes, sizes, even pregnant women. Most of them were stabbed with bayonets and had their fetuses ripped out before they were raped. The Japanese rounded up civilians, prisoners, and soldiers for mass execution. Many of their corpses were thrown into the Yangtze River. Two soldiers had killing contests to see how many "chinks" they could kill.

However a handful of westerners created a safety zone, or a neutral zone, about the size of New York's Central Park located in the center of the city. This safety zone came to house approximately 200,000 people.

To this day, many Japanese people still refuse to acknowledge the fact that this atrocity occurred. The Nanking Massacre has been written out of Japanese textbooks and out of Japanese curriculum.

In conclusion, if someone gives you shit about the Japanese, don't blame them especially if they're old Chinese people because what the Japanese did to us Chinese people was un-fucking-forgivable.
Person 1: Did you read The Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang?
Person 2: Yeah, what the Japanese did could be seen as reasonable but only if you were a Japanese living at that time.
P1: I can't believe they still haven't owned up to their shit. The Nanking Massacre was so messed up.
P2: I love how The Rape of Nanking tells the story in the perspective of the Japanese, Chinese, and the Westerners.
P1: It truly is a work of art.
P2: *tear runs down face*
by chinese otaku girl December 30, 2013
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