A person in an organization (usually in sales) that is definitely a male, but has some very strange metro-sexual, gay, or effeminate traits. The person usually dresses in a very preppy style, is boyishly handsome; but orders drinks often associated with women rather than men. Also has emotions much more aligned with women than men. Rises to anger quickly but argues non-sensically and often seems to be pouting when he doesn't get his way. Often displays traits of a drama queen.
Wow, did you see how Lou was behaving in the finance meeting today? He either has PMS or is a complete Nancy Pants.
by Just This Guy August 3, 2010
Unfaithful hoe who let's almost any guy get in her pants.
You know that girl Nancy Grady? She's such a Nancy Pants, she kept touching Malec's dick.
by XTRAHIPHOP October 25, 2017