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Another word for looking up people's names on Urban Dictionary. A lonely and selfish task, normally done in the dead of night on the empty wastelands of plastic known as "The Keyboard". Commonly done by alisons and daniels, who are admittedly cool enough to get away with it.
Alison: "Hey Danny Boy! What's your fine self doin up in the dead of night?"

Daniel: "Oh you know, just Name-stalking."

Note: Tylers and Morgans cannot complete this action because it goes against their belief in the unity of the subjunctive universe. I would know, Im an Alex.
by Pooperscooper! November 04, 2009
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Going on urban dictionary to read through every definition listed for the name of your crush, S.O., best friend, or yourself. Usually includes thumbing up any definition for that name which is general enough to fit the best aspects of the person whose name you are stalking. May also include a thumbs down for any definitions that cast a negative light on them. Also, though less frequent, may include thumbing up negative definitions of exes/people you dislike.
I just spent two hours name-stalking Matt, my hottie boyfriend. I thumbed up every definition that fit him.
by wafflesnwafflesnwaffles March 18, 2014
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