When your nuts are salty.
Guy: damn my nuts are sweaty
*girl licks guys nuts*
Girl: mmmm, they taste nalty!
by iAtheist November 17, 2010
The act of sliding your hand on the side of your scrotum and receiving sweat and smacking your friend in the face with it.
Dude I gave Adam a wet salty mc nalty yesterday!
by blalblalb August 8, 2009
pronounced - nahl-tee
EASTCoast slanq.
pertaining to anything OR anyone that is ugly, stinky, jacked up, weird etc.
ex. : Girl- oOh, man those kicks look a mess.
Boy- hell yeah. them nikes is nalti.
ex. : after someone tells a wack/lame joke yhu can say , 'That shxxt was naLti my man.
by Ashley D. June 4, 2008