A person who cannot stand to have a naked head. Remedies for this peculiarity include the constant donning of hats and/or headbands. Often times nake-heads are mistaken for thugs.
"Why, hello Alex. My what a dashing headband you are wearing. Might I ask, however, why you are wearing it on such a swelteringly hot day?"
"I need to wear this dashing headband on this swelteringly hot day. I can't stand having nothing on my head."
"You might be a nake-head."
"Does that mean I'm going to get pantsed?"
by AlexandraStephanie April 19, 2006
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Not using a condom.
The new better sounding way of saying "Raw dog".
Daniel- I didn't have a condom so I just went Naked Headed.
Friend- Damn Daniel back at it again with the plan b.
by TheOnlyDavy February 21, 2016
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"Nigga did you smash dat, she got da wet i had to go bucket naked head
by KEENAN September 30, 2003
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A man doesn’t use condoms.
Akeem asked Josh for a condom and he replied “nigga you know I don’t use condoms imma naked head bandit boy”
by Daddy0819 January 14, 2018
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