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Naked Friday is a special event that happens once a week.

it is customary in England. Buffalo NY. Noray and Finland to celebrate Naked Friday by relaxing at home naked.

Obviously you wouldn't do it outside that is weird.

naked Friday is best celebrated with friends. However not in the same room. that would be weird.
wee: Hey jack. what are you doing tonight.

Jack: It's Naked Friday !?!?!?

Wee: Oh yeah. Let's get naked. But not together. that would be weird.

Jack: STD
by Naked Friday July 18, 2014
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A tradition on the popular picture sharing site Dailybooth where the owner of the account takes a picture, while naked, usually without revealing anything. This is practiced by several "Boothers" and is not done as a sexual thing.
You going to be part of Naked Friday on Dailybooth this week?
by The Death Burger October 18, 2009
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