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The act of stripping oneself bare and then smoking cannabis.
"Babe, let's nake n' bake!" "Yeah, then let's have sex while high!"
by PeoplelpoeP March 03, 2012
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1.the state of being left hanging to a great degree 2.the state of being screwed over to a great degree
Mike asked his friend Peter to bring him a dollar, so he could afford the speakers which he needed the next day, Peter said no problem.
The Next Day:
Mike: "Hey where's that money?"
Peter: "What are you talking about? i gotta go, cya!"
Mike: "Nake n Bake man... Nake and Bake..."
by Nathaniel Bacon January 31, 2008
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smoking weed naked. usually done alone, or with other naked inviduals.
"yeah man, my mom walked in on me doing nake n' bake in my room. i was fucking ass naked"
by vahinaaa April 25, 2007
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