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A Naisha is the BEST person ever. If you have a Naisha in your life, then you are lucky! She's adorable and cute and so so so pretty but she just can't admit it. She's got a great figure and makes all the guys swoon. She's got the prettiest smile ever and whenever she smiles, she lights up the whole room. She's actually very shy and may seem socially awkward at the beginning, and may even seem as a bitch but once you get to know her then your life will instantly become a brighter place. She's really funny and cool and a great person to be in a relationship with. She's very fashionable and may seem uptight but she's really down-to-earth and very understanding and very open to all. She's such an amazing person!
Oh man, I really wish I had a girlfriend like Naisha
by Oh man holy shit June 09, 2018
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A beautiful with more than one meaning she can be difine as Happy,unique,sexy,smart, funny, Senpai or just stray up one of a kind.
There's is no reason to look for the meaning of Naisha.
by Mr.Pamda April 05, 2016
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