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Naia is an incredible human being. She is hilarious and is known as the funny one within her friends. She is gorgeous beyond imaginable without trying to be. She desires to be badass but just makes a fool of herself trying. She makes friends very easily and is extremely confident with who she is. Since she gets straight A's everyone gets jealous and thinks highly of her.
That girl seems just like a Naia.
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by squirtymuffin123 December 13, 2016
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Naia is a person who is a free-spirit. They flow through life with the spirit of a Dolphin (the Hawaiian word for dolphin is Nai'a). Naia is a person who is always seeking adventure and will take off on a whim with gentle determination. You can find people with this name traveling the world or lost in a daydream of escape.
Naia left this morning for Thailand. She said "Today is a Thailand sort of Monday."

Let's go with the flow like Naia.
by NaiaLove February 18, 2010
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when you first meet a Naia, your first impression might be different of mine. For the Naia I am talking about, is legit one of the best and most underrated person in the world, but I suppose she's okay with that, cause she's my bestie for life. I must be honest at first I thought she was a bitch, a spoiled brat, and much more actually...
But as I began to know her better, I found out she was that cute, underrated person, the kind that could really make you laugh right in a middle of sad tears, the kind that could make you smile with one those special ways she has by making you remember the happiest memory. To have a Naia in your life is to have a life completed. Naia is my best friend. She entered my life only 3 years ago but she has changed it completely. I don't know how to predict the future, but I may lose her one day in the future, so give yourself a favour and hold on to your best friend real tight. Don't you lose her, never
to have a Naia in your life is to have an awesome life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by nova sherwood is the name January 14, 2019
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A dirty blonde nice girl that's pretty but denies it. She has a very flirtatious laugh even when she's not flirting. She dates guys that aren't good for her she'll like him a lot and then realize how horrible he is. She is very clumsy. If there is music you can always find her dancing and sometimes when there is no music. She is very funny and she always will make you laugh even when you want to be sad. She is very smart and gets straight A's. She always tries her hardest and succeeds in almost everything. She always is up to do anything fun and dangerous and always finds some way to get out of trouble. You don't want to mess with her because she will fight back. She always will sing random things when she's bored or really happy and she's always happy and you can never bring down her spirit. Hold on to her if you are friends with her don't let her go she is an amazing friend .
Did you see that hilarious beautiful girl.

Yeah that was Naia
by I am one with the force November 20, 2018
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Naia is a kind ,sweet ‘loving and beautiful girl.if you meet a naia you are one lucky ass will immediately love her and you won’t wanna let her go.she’ll make you feel loved and wanted and if you let that go then your a dumb ass .so if you get a chance to be friends or more with a Naia don’t be a dumb ass and hold on .
Guy1:damn bro that girls beautiful

Guy2:yahhh,she must be a Naia
by Timbob02 December 12, 2018
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The NAIA is an intercollegiate athletic sanctioning organization. NAIA is an acronym for National Association for Intercollegiate Athletics. Members of the NAIA tend to be small, private liberal arts colleges, but occasionally public colleges and universities are members. Colleges that are members of the NAIA usually emphasize academics over athletics. That's why events are never heavily publicized outside of the school itself and the Internet. The best known event sanctioned by the NAIA is the annual Men's Basketball Tournament held in Kansas City every March. Also, the NAIA holds a football championship game in Rome GA every December the weekend before Christmas.
Events sanctioned by the NAIA are so much better than the NCAA because the events are laid back and cheaper to attend due to the lack of commercialization that NCAA Division I events have.
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