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Nafia is a girl that is sweet, nice and is always going to be right by your side. She knows and understands if your going through anything at anytime. Shes super easy to talk to. Sometimes shes shy but sometimes shes outgoing. She loves having friends that care about her that arent fake. Shes been through a lot of stuff but she still pulls through
"Hey your know nafia"

"isnt she really nice?"
by Jsjfjeidjfnw January 10, 2018
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A term given to a group with the immense persuasion and weaponry power of the Nazis and the perfect organization skills of the Mafia.
"I was about to pummble Jimmy the other day when i found out he had ties with the Nafia"
"Hey look! Theres a Sale on butterscotch krimpets!"
"Butterscotch Kripets are god!"
by Tommy Vercetti October 17, 2004
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