The mall girls, as they are called, are the most common stereotype of a mall addict. Most often traveling in packs of two to five, this kind of consumer can be found at most any central shopping area. They are the sort of girls one sees so often stereotyped in the media as blonde, extraordinarily vain, and above all, compulsively addictive shoppers, constantly on the hunt for the latest fashions.
"Dude, I saw the hottest group of mall girls walking into Hollister the other day."
by Annabelle M. May 7, 2006
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A girl that frequents the mall, but at the same time doesn't posses the greatest fashion sense. Tends to wear things that were popular when she was in middle school, such as glitter eyeshadow and clothes from abercrombie. Mall girls like to congregate in large numbers at the food court, and wear animal print snuggies.
Lauren is such a mall girl, she is wearing glitter eyeshadow again.
by no mall girls allowed May 12, 2010
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