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A case making company known for their case that was a fire hazard, mostly known for the H510, an overpriced piece of garbage that brings in less airflow than a guy who cant breathe. Their coolers are all bad for the price but if you really don't give two fucks about the performance and like aesthetics, then you both have a problem and will love NZXT.
"The NZXT H510 is very very bad"
by AstroK March 24, 2021
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NZXT is a company that makes boring cases with a ugly purple light. The ones without the purple light and the boring designs are the Fornite Ninja, Phantom gaming special edition, and the ugly Overwatch case.
A person who plays games: I've been wanting to make my own computer, what case should I use?
A different person who plays games: You could get a Phanteks, Cool master, or a Corsair case, just don't get a NZXT case.
by AdamNěco January 25, 2021
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A computer company that makes cases and other parts. Pretty lit
Guy 1: I'm looking to buy a new case for my computer any good brands?

Guy 2: Get the nzxt h500i man.
by qwertydvorakazerty February 27, 2019
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