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1. A show the approaches "My Super Sweet Sixteen" levels of nauseating arrogance, with discussions that revolve around the inane goings-on of six wealthy prep-school teenagers.

2. Adj.: Describing one who displays extremely high levels of elite douchebaggery.
Person A: Did you see the latest NYC Prep??
Person B: Yeah, and I'm slapping the first one of them I see on the street.
by sean9891 July 10, 2009
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a bunch of rich kids that shop in overpriced manhattan thrift stores to buy fake vintage clothes. Basically its anyone that spends tons and tons of money trying to make themselves look poor.
did you just see that kid in the tattered elmo shirt, that was so tight it could be part of his skin. i herd those things cost 350$$ at trendthrift!!!!
by why man why September 19, 2004
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