"Needy Little Bitch." acronym: NLB; applies to any individual who is being a pain in the ass, or a bitch who whines all the time.
dude. i hate my roommate. she's such a NLB!
by soy_fishie September 01, 2010
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Check her out shes hot, Yeah but shes a NLB, I wouldn't touch that tainted shit.
by spokes1124 March 24, 2004
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NLB stands for never love a bitch and was made in August of 2017 by a rapper named NLBMarvo. It soon developed into a clique associated with Chicago and is different than a gang. Rappers like Yung Teo (was lil cheekbone when he was a child.) and ... have helped with the publication of the NLB. NLB even has its own finger tag. Pull down your ring finger and make a b with your thumb, forming NLB.
1. I stay NLB because these hoes be acting dumb.

2. Clique NLB will be famous.

3. So many people in Chicago use NLB.
by Chicago blog July 24, 2019
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