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Acronym for the expression: "Nice Nigga Nice!". Expression of joy and respect/gratefulness for what someone has done or said. More powerful version of: "Nice!"

etym: surprisingly born in the town of Saint-Germain in West Paris suburbs
Mat: "My house is free for tonight!"
Friends: "NGN!"

Paul: "I managed to roll a meter long, star shaped zoot last night"
Thias: "Nice Nigga Nice!"
by Hairs of London May 25, 2011
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A no good nigga. Also referred to as a thug. A guy who doesn't have his shit together.
Me: "Nicole, look at that ngn thinkin he's really somethin."
Nicole: " Shit, he probably still livin with his mama!"
by Stanner September 14, 2010
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NgN is short for "namegenote"
Bas #1: Hey NgN! Sup?
Bas #2: Hey NgN! Cs?
by JxdDoug June 01, 2007
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