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Never Fucking Quit - a personal motto of a pretty cool dude.
NFQ you peasants!
by SGT IPB July 09, 2016
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NFQ is an abbreviation for No Fucking Question. This term is an extreme form of agreement or an answer to a question in the affirmative. When spoken, it can be shortened further to "nf" with the word question being understood.
Person 1: I need to get my drink on tonight.
Person 2: nfq

Person 1: Do you think she's into me?
Person 2: nfq
by stilldebugging September 04, 2011
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NFQ stands for No Forbidden Questions or nonforbidden question. This is where someone asks any question while disregarding the consequences.
Ben: Hey do you sleep naked?
Steph: How dare you!
Ben: It's a NFQ.
Steph: Oh, yes I do sleep naked...
by SharifAl December 20, 2010
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