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Anything is possible in NCBCA, an 80-team CBB simulation league, which has been up and running since May 2017. Whether it's taking a small Mormon school and exploiting religious biases or tanking the prestige of an already established blue blood, the choice is yours.
When it comes to recruiting, it takes place in the middle of the week while everyone is in school or at work and is filled with hundreds of Pitch TBAs for recruits that nobody has time to actually pitch for.

Seasons are split into 3 halves and last a week which also include rigged conference tournaments then the National Meme Tournament where we plan to add an actual selection committee after I finish playing GTA and getting tacos. Recruiting starts yesterday, so its recommended to join beforehand so we can call you an alt in newcomers.

Within the league, we have many violations that replicate real life such as recruits having their own escorts, a brand catalog that gets updated when Brent comes back once every blue moon, riots, and preseason tournaments in Syria, and others where literally half the teams participate, along with opinionated coaches voicing their opinion in discussion to predict where certain recruits may go.

verify your reddit, just to make sure you're not Eugene. Our discord link is located on the sidebar, not required but it's heavily recommended as majority of league memes are found on discord. If you have any questions, feel free to inbox me and I'll add it to the recommendations poll.
Hey guys it's me Eugene, i mean Arminite, I mean Kobe, sorry I keep slamming my Keyboard, its me Xxtra can I get back into NCBCA?
by SECBlewA3-1Lead June 16, 2018
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We didn't come this far just to get this far
Kobe is the best coach in NCBCA history
by NCBCA June 16, 2018
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