Nipples On Blast. This is a more explosive version of T.H.O. (titty hard on)
Did you see Becky with the good nips? You could see that N.O.B. through that thick wool sweater!
by Glass Cutters November 1, 2019
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acronym for the term "niggas on bikes"
"Jesus! There are so many N.O.B.s in the street right now that I can barely pass through!"
by Joey M August 10, 2007
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A gang located in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston. It's repped by G Fredo and 7981 Kal, and it's full name is The Norton-Olney-Barry Gang.
Person 1: "Yo. N.O.B. just got taken down!"
Person 2: "It's all over the news mane"
by T_MINER March 19, 2021
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Acronym for Nigga On a Budget.
Aye nigga, you tryin ta run to Sam's Club rite quick and pick up a big ass case of ramen?

Hell yeah, N.O.B.S. fo lyfe nigga.
by alpha sixty niner November 24, 2011
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Nation of Obscene Brilliance a Group with the intentions of praising themselves and whom are intellectually superior to the outside world they refrain from swine consumption as all Nations of... do
by MCCrispy August 11, 2009
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Jenny is my n.o.b., I love her and she's always had my back.
by 123AC October 14, 2015
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