Member of Caucasian Invasion. Enjoys bathing in sandwiches and long walks on the beach. A cocky square jawed boy with a sideways haircut.

see also: N Skwerred
What... what did the N SQUARED say to the candlestick maker?
-"yo... yo man... ya... ya got a sideways hair cut."
by Katie and annie December 16, 2004
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1."That fools about to be "N" Squared."
2."Hand me my "N" Squared yo."
1.The act of Nigger Nocking.(Ex. Beating up)
2.The item used to do the Nigger Nocking.(Also referred to as an NK-47)(Ex. Bat,Crowbar,Tire Iron,Wrench)
by Steamboat Willie November 4, 2004
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