When people spell out the N word (usually with a hard R) in a fb comment section by each commenting one of the letters (or sometimes a gif of the letter)
just commented N on this post involving a black person, let's get this N chain going
by basednword November 2, 2020
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A garish necklace, typically worn by rappers and thuggish scallywags, supporting a large medallion containing a small amount of honey and housing a micro bee colony. The bees are typically africanized and very territorial and consider the wearer of the bees N chain to be their territory.
Now that I got mah bees N chain, Dem haterz gonna think twice!

Damn Nig! Look at all them bees flyin' around homeboy!
by Crispy_Critter November 19, 2010
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It's when someone comments N and another person replies to that comment saying I and another person replies to that comment saying G and guess what happens next.
Me: Oh god! why do I keep seeing these N chains everywhere
My friend: Ikr
by Brinonimous prime September 4, 2022
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