N Word Man is summoned by saying the n word 3 times by someone other than black. If done as said, the summoner won’t sleep well tonight...
Person 1: Did you hear what happened last night? Tyler said the N word 3 times! He summoned N Word Man!!

Person 2: Wow really, Tyler is such a pimp

Person 1: Dude, Tyler died last night...
by Anonymous Man.. October 30, 2020
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My white friend said the n word three times in front of a mirror and then he got robbed in the dark
Guy 1: Wanna do the n word man challenge?
Guy 2: Nah, you know what happened to timmy
Guy 1: oh yeah, he got jumped
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My white friend once said this three times and he was jumped by the n word man
Guy 1: I tried to summon the N word man last night
N Word Man: Run your pockets
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