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Myran has s big dick and he will fuck you until your legs start shaking and always be there for you and he has the ability to win you over anyone
Ouuuuu get you a myran
by Caleeevvve February 14, 2018
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1. A usually soft spoken person; tends to be loud when comfortable.

2. person that has extreme sexual frustrations and can be kinky at times;

3. very very very weird.

4. Hopeless romantic.
1. "Ugh, she's such a Myran! She hardly ever talks to anyone."

2. "What a Myran, using handcuffs and shit."

3. * Myran wore mismatch socks everywhere and decided it was cool to talk to herself in a British accent
* Myran talks to him/herself on the phone.

4. "Myran still doesn't have a bf/gf? Damn, always knew they were gonna raise cats for a damn living."
by PhoenixMarieHaley February 13, 2014
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Usually a soft spoken person but when he starts talking, he has the ability to humour almost anyone in the room. Is always an awesome brother to have. Generous to the ones closest to him.
" Oh dear he's such a Myran! You're so lucky to be his sister! "
by Clarrisaaaa October 26, 2013
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