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Ultimate sex god. Mykelti is born for sex. Mykelti takes controll of your body and he will please you in every form of sex. he will make you want more and more and more.
oh my god I wish I had myself a mykelti just for sex
by Happy customer :)) January 09, 2012
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Kelty is the sweetest girl you will ever meet she has the most beautiful smile and once you get to know her you will love her forever. What is that she is hardworking and diligent and completes all the tasks that are assigned to her. Sometimes your bedroom will be messy but she will clean it all up at once and it will look fantastic. Her face is so beautiful and She Glows a radiant color. She loves to bake and the baking that she bakes is fantastic but the kitchen will be left completely messy and she'll go on with her life. Mykelti is the best.
by Jgrim8 June 23, 2018
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