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A MySpace addict is A person who is on MySpace 24/7 and is always finding new and cool MySpace layouts. Usually has a custom MySpace that looks more like a website. May have allot of friends and custom pictures of themselves.
Jennifer: (calling Josh)What are you doing?
Josh: I'm on MySpace
Jennifer: again!? Your always on!
Josh: Because I have nothing better to do.
Jennifer: Dude your A Myspace Addict
by DjJennyfe May 16, 2007
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A complete loser who has about 3 friends in real life but has a friend list of 5,000 on Myspace, and messages the few friends they do have to try and make onlookers think that their life is cool and/or interesting.
Awesome!111Gothgurl: "OMFG JENNY!!11 I saw u at teh gothconcert last night and u looked so hawt! Isn't being a myspace addict teh r0x0rz?!?!"

Punksk8rGirl: "Omg ya!!!11 We rox, because we can send these messages when it is quicker to just go next door and talk 2 eachother!!!11"
by Reuben Hood April 15, 2007
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PEOPLE who B-U-G their FrEinds To get on Fucking myspace and ask them to check it every fucking 10 minutes just to find a girlfriend and rub it in their friends face, and make everyone mad at the person who is trying to help them get off of myspace, (not letting THEM GET FUCKING ADDICTED TO FUCKING MYSPACE AND ONCE AGAIN FUCKING ADDICTED),and myspace Makes you lose your friends more them make them so before you get it then think twice before you get one, it will make you lose your freinds and make your freinds make your parents get mad at you for not getting on it for your friends and your freinds will ignore you and if they are not on myspace then they will T-E-X-T ALL night long, AND LIKE I SAID YOUR PARENT WILL GET MAD AT YOU NOT your Friends, BUt anyways if you have a freind who has a myspace plzzzzzzzI BEG OF IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO LOSE YOUR FRIENDS AND HAVE YOUR MOTHER AND FATHER MAD AT PLZZ PLZ PLZ DO NO LET THEM GET ONE plzz plzz plzzz plzzz DO NOT get to be one of the myspace addicts..but really do not become a Myspace Addict.
myspace is like a troublemaker but, sriously be Smart and do not become a myspace addicts.
by Josh 0101 September 28, 2007
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