A song that describes how talking your self out of suicide and giving up
Person 1: why do you like My r so much

Person 2:It’s relatable
by Jlavery December 11, 2020
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What the fuck do you think the definition means? My balls are god!

see represent yo shit 8)
by James Lowe September 6, 2004
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"Rape my face" Much like s on my f (sit on my face) r my f is more demanding and intense. (and just better)

To forcibly demand someone to sit on your face.
That girl is so hot, I WANT her to r my f.
by Hannah Raven August 3, 2011
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Rub My Elbow, it's weird, but it happens.
Gabi: Let me r your e hxc
Zach / Andy / CJ / Bronson / Alex / Dina / Preston / Lubbdogg: F*ck off, Gabi, you cannot r my e.
by Motha Bird March 27, 2008
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