A song that describes how talking your self out of suicide and giving up
Person 1: why do you like My r so much

Person 2:It’s relatable
by Jlavery December 11, 2020
What the fuck do you think the definition means? My balls are god!

see represent yo shit 8)
by James Lowe September 6, 2004
"Rape my face" Much like s on my f (sit on my face) r my f is more demanding and intense. (and just better)

To forcibly demand someone to sit on your face.
That girl is so hot, I WANT her to r my f.
by Hannah Raven August 3, 2011
Rub My Elbow, it's weird, but it happens.
Gabi: Let me r your e hxc
Zach / Andy / CJ / Bronson / Alex / Dina / Preston / Lubbdogg: F*ck off, Gabi, you cannot r my e.
by Motha Bird March 27, 2008