Acronym standing for my bad. Used by Kashan "Chillindude" Khan after losing a first to 5 money match vs. Leffen.
Guy 1: Why'd you bet on Chillindude in the salty suite? He got 5-0'd
Guy 2: My b.
by 20XXIsHere December 14, 2020
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another way of saying my bad... also a habit of everyone at my school
person 1:dude you just spit in my face
person 2: b
by juliedinosaur March 23, 2007
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Diminutive of "my bad", the enunciation of which saves neither the enunciator nor the listener any time of mind or eardrum, though which does indeed spare the enunciator the torment of touching the tip of his tongue to the front upper roof of the mouth as when one does actually say "bad".
Yo 'sup?! I lament the laze and malaise of the muthafucka who can't bring himself to say "my bad" but instead must employ "my b" in its stead, even though there is no contractive benefit gained by the effort, muthafuckas!
by Truth2Power September 6, 2004
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Short for "my bad". Just sounds gangster.
Guy 1: Dude, you just stepped on my foot!

Guy2: Oh, my b.

Guy 1: You're so bad ass.
by Total Gangster February 24, 2011
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my b means my bad so if you are confused when someone says this now you know
girl: why did you get mad at me yesterday

boy: my b
by jsjjxkxkzkixos November 18, 2020
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A shorter way for saying "my bad"
Only gay people say this.
"Dude you just burned my house down!!" - Guy 1
"my b" - Guy 2
by SupaPeeves April 26, 2009
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