To have some kind of STI that affects the appearance of your genitals.
Dude 1: Man there's no way I'm getting any action tonight
Dude 2: Why not?
Dude 1: I've got cheese on my keyboard
by Chaoshawk April 28, 2008
is defined as: a phrase uttered after a particularly enjoyable (erotic) rping or sexting session.
note, the term can be re-phrased to "cleaning the keyboard."

also, can be shortened to "CMK" or "CTK" respectively.

not to be confused with the act of cleaning a spilled drink off of ones keyboard.
quite.. I`m not sure about you but I`m cleaning my keyboard...
by XemnasT July 25, 2011
when you do something cringey, but you don't have a good excuse, so you do the only thing that'll save you.

Person 1: I like you
Person 2: lol u ugly
person 1: my cat stepped on my keyboard, sorry
Person 1: I like you
Person 2: lol u ugly
person 1: my cat stepped on my keyboard, sorry
by Mirukal October 17, 2020
My dead cat ran over my keyboard is a joke mocking people who always have an excuse
Oh what now John your gonna tell me that" My dead cat ran over my keyboard" John last time you told me you could not pay your rent because my "prices are too high" even though the only thing that is high is you everybody in this god forsaken building knows that you do weed John You're four months behind on your rent just fucking pay it.
by Beanafied May 12, 2020
A lyric sung by The Weeknd at the beginning of Crew Love. It basically means that hoes need to mind their damn business, which is why he told them that.
The Weeknd: Take your nose off my keyboard.
Girl: HE ACTUALLY TALKED TO ME!!!!!!!!! *faints*
The Weeknd: Aw, damn. That's the third time this week!
by thatguyS December 21, 2012
An overused excuse boys use when they're rejected by females
boy: Hey, I have a confession to make. We've been friends for a while now and I just have this positive feeling whenever I'm around you..its almost as if we were meant to be.

girl: I'm sorry...I like more as a friend
boy: sorry my cat walked over my keyboard . stupid cat
by Meerkat511 December 16, 2022