Mexicans attempting to say Miami
Ey foo let's go to the bars in my jammy tonight
by HotFartsAnDaLongDriveHome June 13, 2023
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to be relaxed, content, or just straight chillin

an expression of comfort
1. J- "how u liking that armchair"

D- "I'm in my jammies"

2. I'd be in my jammies right now if I had some popeyes chicken.
by Young Louee cdp gang. November 25, 2010
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when you uh... *splorch* in your jammies :|
stella: vinnie tell us a story
vinnie: well there was this one time where i splorched my jammies in 6th grade math class...
by 1-800-BEVERLYMARSH October 29, 2020
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you’re so excited, you cant compose yourself
“omg jenni, ur making me nut in my jammies”
by nutinmyjammies February 25, 2019
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While on the phone, it means to be thinking about someone else.
*on the phone*
Fundo: Hey girlfriend, what are you up to?
Girlfriend: Nothing. Just watching TV in my jammies.
Fundo: Shweeeet.
Girlfriend: *snicker*
by authOOr June 28, 2006
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