Muy bien means very good.
Teacher: your work was muy bien, travis.

Travis: thank you, miss Tanya!
by brentlion August 2, 2009
Spanish; lit. very good marijuana.
for when the weed is goood
or Mexican, or from a Mexican dealer.
You got me that ganja, boy? Gimme some of that muy bien marijuana, man!
by Myiuki tweakin May 27, 2007
A clever combination of the Mandarin and Spanish languages. "Tai Tien" meaning "Too sweet" in Mandarin, "Muy Bien" meaning "Very Good" in Spanish. Together, this expression communicates the examplar of a peaceful, perfectly content state of happiness and well-being.
"I'm Tai Tien, Muy Bien"
"We're reunited, and it feels so Tai Tien, Muy Bien"
"That enchilada is Tai Tien, Muy Bien"
by Jonathan Lee November 1, 2005