5 definitions by Jonathan Lee

A clever combination of the Mandarin and Spanish languages. "Tai Tien" meaning "Too sweet" in Mandarin, "Muy Bien" meaning "Very Good" in Spanish. Together, this expression communicates the examplar of a peaceful, perfectly content state of happiness and well-being.
"I'm Tai Tien, Muy Bien"
"We're reunited, and it feels so Tai Tien, Muy Bien"
"That enchilada is Tai Tien, Muy Bien"
by Jonathan Lee November 1, 2005
A combination of the words "indeed" and "dirty." Used to expresss yourself when neither word is adequate, but both are appropriate. Coined by Jelly and X in Santa Monica, CA.
Your friend tells you he got dumped by his girlfriend. "Indurt." Indeed, because you are listening to him and acknowledging that you can do nothing about the situation. Dirty, becuase it's pretty dirty that your friend got dumped.
by Jonathan Lee February 22, 2005
AY come over to my house real quick right brief and watch UCLA kick ass
by Jonathan Lee August 21, 2005