Musco: A womaniser with a massive bulge, rides back ends like a trailer. And quite a powerful person.
Wow I had a night in with a musco yesterday, I can’t even walk he clapped me that hard.

Wow he must be a musco I felt the presence of him from the other side of the county
by Ahebdidisnebejs March 04, 2021
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To be knocked out quickly or killed swiftly during battle.
Alternate definition: A severe midlife crisis.
Dude, you just got muscoed.
Alternate example: I am forty years old and am going through a really tough musco.
by Bobbymac52983 September 08, 2006
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A Musco is a chode. A disgusting dirty one at that. Just atrocious.
Damn did you see that fat piece of shit. He is totally rocking a musco.

That is one dirty little musco. Gross man.
by Guadalupe Ballraker August 03, 2017
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