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a group of men fisting a group of women. The men resembling puppeteers.
That orgy turned into a real Muppet Show.
by muppet madness June 01, 2009
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a group of morons in close proximity, behaving as morons do. the muppet show can often be seen at said morons natural habitats, such as:

1. chav infested shopping centres on saturdays
2. 'up town' on a friday night outside a nightclub
3. political gathrings, especially if George W Bush is in the vacinity (though he is by no means the only culprit, just the biggest.)
person a: why has that lad got bounced from a nightclub for being blatantly underage, staggered into the road swearing, flashed his arse at the police and got arrested whilst his fat girlfriend screams and hammers the riot van with her fists?

person b: the muppet show must be in town.
by me old fruity December 20, 2006
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