That annoying person you cant really engage with who is a bit low on social intellegence. Usually a work collegue who likes to tell you meaningless stuff you don't care about. Cause to you they are a mung bean.

They kind of just sit there on the salad to add bulk, but no real substance. Sure they are okay, but they don't do much for you, and you don't usually seek out to put it on your salad. They aren't even that tasty. It is just a mung bean.
Who is your mung bean at work?

Rachel is. I have nothing in common with her and she sits at my desk for half an hour telling me about her weekend and giggling.
by oracleoflife March 14, 2010
Australian slang; a hippy or generally soft 'unmanly' kinda bloke.
"you dont eat meat do ya mung bean?"

"a mung bean wouldnt last 2 minutes working out a farm"
by andthony6969 August 17, 2008
An ignorant person or person of low intelligence. (mental capacity of a mung bean)
Those mung beans who sit in their cars for two hours each way to work should stop complaining and catch a train.
by Matt Bowden December 28, 2005
When two people spread their legs and scissor together - Smashing Mungbeans
I heard Leah and Fran Smashing Mung beans last night.
by Big Huey #No Trizzy April 18, 2017
The single best source of protein on the planet. These rare beans grow in the peaks of the Himalayans, and are packed with >20g of protein each, despite being smaller than a pea.
It's bulking season, time to eat some Mung beans!
by meriam_webster_dictionary April 16, 2019
When you’ve done a bunch of blow, you get up a good thick loogey, and spit it on your partner’s asshole before you fuck it. Lube + numbing agent. Alternatively called The Colombian Mung Bean.
We were so horny and so high on coke, I figured I might as well give her the Medellin Mung Bean so we could really turn the heat up with some anal sex.
by Lucky Pierre 2022 August 4, 2022