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A British Band that plays Folkish type music consisting of the same tempo and melodies for every single song.

- The group can also be defined as a poor mans Fleet Foxes.
"They play the one Mumford and Sons song all the time at the Starbucks where I go. When I asked the barista why that particular song played so much when normally they have more variety to their playlists, she explained to me that it wasn't just one song but an entire album of songs that sound exactly the same."
by Bariston the Bold June 11, 2013
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One of the greatest bands of this decade!!!

Real music, no auto-tune,๏ปฟ great lyrics, and just raw talent!!

Take notes kids!
guy # 1: "Have you heard of Mumford and Sons??"
guy #2: "Hell ya!! M&S are effin brilliant!!"
by Kinifelburger October 06, 2010
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A terrible, nothing special, bland pseudo-folk band from the U.K. that's gone multi platinum with their second studio release entitled "Babel". The singer, Marcus Mumford looks like a pedophile or like he swallows cum on a daily basis at the very least, and is also proof that a frontman who names his band after his last name is always bound to make bad cookie cutter music (ex. Bon Jovi, Van Halen etc.)
Who the fuck are these guys on the radio that are playing banjos? Mumford and Sons suck shit!
by a_user February 02, 2013
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when your male partner gives you the classic "mumford" but puts they're balls in your mouth at the same time.
my girl almost choked when i gave her the mumford and sons last night!
by the captn March 04, 2012
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A band that makes the most beautiful music ever written/sang. It is said that it is the music of heaven. It can be the solution to any problem, feud, or war.
Every war can we ended and resolved just by playing Mumford and Sons. If you are having an argument with someone, all you have so say is "Mumford and Sons", and all will be resolved and fixed again.
by McGrotes December 15, 2011
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When you pass out and take a dump in your pants (or shorts) and you wake up and you have a moderate to large sized turd accompanied by multiple smaller pebble to dingleberry sized crewmembers. Much like the band and music that share the same name.
3 days of Yeager and Oxycodone led me to my own personal concert with Mumford and Sons headlining in my pants.
by SteelofCrom September 10, 2014
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The composers of one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard: Learn Me Right/Not with Haste, one of the soundtracks from Pixar's Brave movie.
"We will run and scream
You will dance with me
We'll fulfill our dreams
And we'll be free

We will be who we are
And they'll heal our scars
Sadness will be far away"

Mumford and Sons
by cg1212 December 29, 2012
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