A term used to describe a person with very visible gums over their incisors and canines when they open their mouth. The term was popularized because of Overwatch League’s player Muma, who plays for the Houston Outlaws, and his large gums.
“Bro, did you see the new student in class today? She got wicked muma mouth!”

“I was giving a presentation at work and I kept getting distracted because the person sitting in the front had muma mouth.”
by tsukemen May 16, 2019
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Muma g is the queen of uggs , she is sassy and straight talkin, she skrrrts around in her whip and is loved by her fans. Her body guard Cracov is there to protect.
Hey muma g where’s your uggs ?
by Mamagfans2906 October 10, 2017
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Whoa muma can be used instead of saying 'oh my god, how fat ARE you?'. What a chunky muma etc. Its when a fat woman goes to sit down and you see her thong/butt crack. Or simply to describe a fat person walking down the street.
'WHOA MUMA, she's fucking massive!'
by Rayman Dude January 31, 2005
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An Guyanese coolie phrase used to show shock or anger
Person 1: “The gyal's husband catch she wit di bai next door”
Person 2: “Oh me muma”
by DouglaGyal March 9, 2013
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a great comeback insult when arguing with someone
who stole my last beer? your muma
by Matty September 23, 2003
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its wat jamaicans use to bout someone.it mesns ''go suck your mom or mothers pussy
leave mi alone and gu suck yo muma/mada
by corey the jamaican May 17, 2011
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Muma (African, Cameroonian surname) means King or string ruler. It is normally addressed to royalty.
____ Muma
by The Mandem Innitt October 20, 2021
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