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A contraction of "Multiple" and "Orgasm".
Just like Multimax is one of "Multiple" and "Climax"

1. The art of achieving Multiple Orgasms during one session of sexual intercourse.
If you are a man, this is nearly impossible.
If you are a woman, then every man envies you and your ability to do this. However it is dependent on your sexual partner and how good they are at doing the deed, fingering, cunnilingus (aka eating pussy) and other things.
If you plan on visiting the Palace of Love any time soon, then Multigasm is a technique that needs to be perfected.
Woman moans
Man: Oh, what happens if I...
Woman's moans get louder
Man: You appear to be enjoying this, maybe...
Woman screams/shudders/arch's back/mixture of all 3
Kiss, cuddle, woman calms down
Man: Did you like that? Let's try...
Woman begins moaning again

Repeat until Announcer yells, Quest log changes or Achievement is reached

Announcer: MUTLIGASM!!!

Chat box: Man has completed the achievement Give Multigasm
Chat box: Woman has completed the achievement Receive Multigasm

Quest Log: Quest - Multigasm (Complete)
0 XP rewarded, 0 Gold rewarded
Other "Rewards" - You get to cuddle with your lady while she tells you all about her long day at the office or other place of employment.
You aren't allowed to fall asleep... tough break, motherfucker.

Man *whispering*: kill me, please.
by rzhhhh August 25, 2009
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- The occurance of multiple orgasms.
Jasmine: "The Sharpest Lives - MCR" is epic.
Logan: Yes it makes me multi-gasm.


Damn that new weatherman on TV is so hot he makes me multi-gasm.
by myrrh25 December 26, 2009
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Multiple orgasms, from clitoral, vaginal and anal - simultaneously
I multigasmed so hard last night from my god-like mans zombie penis that I fell over fuck drunk.
'I can't feel my legs when I'm with you, but I like it'
by Librarian tendencies August 13, 2017
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