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A person who thinks every action can fall under the catergory of fratty.
Dude: Yo mom is turning 53 today
Dude: Mulchy....
by Wild Bill ILL WILL October 09, 2008
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A mixture of non-menthol tobacco and marijuana cut up or grinded together. Genereally smoked out of a bong or pipe. Smoke should be inhaled and quickly exhaled unlike that of marijuana smoke. Also regarded to as The Domernautz.
John: Yo man, you got any Natural American Spirirt?

Mike: Yea, why?

John: Lets cut it up and mix it with weed so we can smoke mulchies.

Mike: Hell yeah bro, I love The Domernautz!
by Big Aaronor November 09, 2011
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1. (adj) A compliment used to describe someone/something that is voluptuous/bangin' in a very ghetto way.

2. (adj) A word used to describe someone who sleeps around.
1. Damn LaShandra, did you just come from Home Depot? Cuz that ass is mulchy!

2. Kayla has got to have an STD cuz she's the mulchiest girl I know.
by DJ_DZine October 13, 2010
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