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A nickname for the town/village of Mukwonago in Waukesha County, WI. Often referred to as Mukwonaghetto.
"Muktown's SO going to beat arrowhead this friday!"

"Go Muktown!"

"I'm heading out to the Muktown Walmart because that's the only place for my friends and I to hang out because we're afraid to leave the town"
by Anna November 27, 2005
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A city north of Seattle, Washington. Otherwise known as Mukilteo. Full of privledged, affluent white and asian families. Boring beach town. Nothing to do. Home of Kamiak High School, an affluent white and asian school.
Person 1: Where are you from?
Person 2: Muk town
Person 1: What’s that?
Person 2: The most boring town in the world my dude
by Monkeyisawesome May 19, 2018
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