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Liberal arts college in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Known for its pleasant mix of (1) hip young intellectualls, (2) beer-swilling frat swine, (3) nice girls who just want to get married at age 22, and (4) easy, wild sluts.

Founded in 1848. Women admitted in 1957. Very strong history department.
My law school roommate went to Muhlenberg for college; he spent a lot of time there either studying or boning hot chicks
by KentonBrown_99 May 11, 2006
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School full of Jews, Gays, and High School Loser Frats...

Also known as Muhlentits or Awkwardberg because academic row can be very awkward on Monday mornings since the school has about 6 people in it.

The Freshman girls are sluts and Senior guys give them 2 shots and force them to spend the night in their satin sheet beds.
"Yo I'm in Sig Ep at Muhlenberg"

"Wow you must have a 2 inch dick..."
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