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The act of perfroming oral or mutual masterbation of the digits to a female whilst she is operating a motor vehicle.
"Dude we took a road trip last weekend and I went muff-driving in 14 different states! Buiiiiiii."

"Susan, Im super worried my parents will find out Jake was muff-driving me when I hit that tree on 7th Ave last week..."

"We just met, and this is crazy, but I'm gonna muff-drive the shit out of you."
by SCOONLAN August 19, 2012
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The act performing oral sex on a woman while she is driving. The female equivalent of road head. A derivative of muff diving- the act of jumping face first into a soaking wet vagina, also known as a muff. While the term muff may be outdated, and used to describe a hairy pussy, most hungry/ horny people know, no muff is too tough.
This chick likes teasing guys at the bar and then take them muff driving. They think they're impressive by going down on her at the wheel. Therefore getting some action, with a free ride home. Any opportunity for a dirt road, or construction, is ceased to intensify the vibrations for her pleasure. A bench seat is recommended.
by Shamadizzle September 04, 2018
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